Whether you're a CRVS expert or just starting to learn about CRVS systems, you will enjoy exploring our range of resources. Discover more about strengthening and innovating CRVS systems, plus learn from our countries' challenges, experiences and successes.

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Responding to COVID-19
This series focus specifically on CRVS responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources include videos and documents to help guide death certification, coding, and assessing and improving the quality of COVID-19 data.
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BDR archives
CRVS Fellowship reports and profiles
Reports and profiles from the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative's CRVS Fellowship Program. Fellowship reports are developed by Fellows and represent the research outcomes of their Fellowship. Fellowship profiles detail the experiences and impacts of the Program on individual Fellows and CVRS systems in their home countries.
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CRVS tools
Interactive and practical resources designed to influence and align CRVS processes with established international or best-practice standards.
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CRVS country reports
These resources describe the capacity-building experiences and successes of strengthening CRVS systems in partner countries and the state of CRVS systems-improvement and lessons learnt. Country reports provide a baseline for comparison over time and between countries.
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CRVS best-practice and advocacy
These resources are based on a combination of technical knowledge, country experience and scientific literature. They are intended to stimulate debate and ideas for in-country CRVS policy, planning and capacity building, and promote the adoption of best-practice to strengthen CRVS systems worldwide.
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CRVS technical guides
Specific, technical and instructive resources. These guides provide a succinct overview and/or instructions for the implementation or operation of a specific CRVS-related intervention or tool.
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CRVS analyses and evaluations
These resources form a concise and accessible knowledge-base of outcomes and lessons learnt from CRVS initiatives and interventions. They report on works in progress, particularly for large or complex technical initiatives, and on specific components of projects that may be of more immediate relevance to stakeholders.
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CRVS peer-reviewed publications
Developed through the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative at the University of Melbourne, papers in this series focus on filling a range of scientific knowledge gaps and offering new approaches for CRVS system and data improvement.
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CRVS clearinghouse
A selection of important reports and peer-reviewed publications on CRVS from around the world.
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