Whether you're a CRVS expert or just starting to learn about CRVS systems, you will enjoy exploring the range of resources available here in our library. Discover more about strengthening and innovating CRVS systems, plus learn from other countries’ challenges, experiences and successes.

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Responding to COVID-19
This series focus specifically on CRVS responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources include videos and documents to help guide death certification, coding, and assessing and improving the quality of COVID-19 data.
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Applying country experiences and knowledge
Describe the experiences and successes of strengthening CRVS systems in partner countries, including fellowship reports. The series provides a baseline for comparison over time and between countries.
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Improving death certification and mortality coding
Access a number of resources on certification and coding, including guidance on reducing barriers to certification, effective training and education strategies, and options for improving the quality of mortality and cause of death data.
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Implementing verbal autopsy
Resources available within this theme provide guidance and recommendations on a number of aspects related to implementing routine verbal autopsy as part of a CRVS system.
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Strengthening CRVS systems
The series is intended to stimulate debate and ideas for in-country CRVS policy, planning and capacity-building, and promote the adoption of best practice in strengthening CRVS systems.
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Building CRVS capacity and skills
These resources, which are used extensively in the Initiative’s training courses, aim to change practice and ensure countries benefit from such changes by developing critical CRVS capacity among technical officers and ministries.
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Transforming data into information for action
These resources provide practical guidance on how to improve the quality of vital statistics data, including how to calculate and apply measures of registration completeness, and simple procedures for checking data quality, including how to use the ANACONDA software analysis tool.
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CRVS research and innovations
Papers in this series focus on filling a range of scientific knowledge gaps and offering new approaches for CRVS system and data improvement.
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CRVS classics
A selection of key papers on CRVS from around the world, including the Counting Births and Deaths series published in the Lancet, and publications from the HIS Hub at the University of Queensland.
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