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CRVS process mapping

What is a process?

A process is a set of activities and tasks that can be logically grouped together to accomplish a goal or produce something of value for the benefit of the system and its stakeholders.

CRVS processes can be categorised in three main groups: 

  1. Core processes: those chains of activities by which the system fulfils its mission and achieves its goals (eg birth or death registration processes and compilation of vital statistics)
  2. Support processes: Activities or functions that support the operational functions of the system (eg IT helpdesk activities)
  3. Management processes: All activities related to planning, decision making and monitoring the performance of processes within the health system (for example, CRVS Steering Committee’s decision-making procedures).

Learn more

The CRVS Digitisation Guidebook was developed by the Africa Programme for Accelerated Improvement of CRVS (APAI CRVS). It is an online resource that provides step-by-step guidance for countries to plan, analyse, design and implement digitised systems and automated processes for CRVS.

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