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Coding causes of death to statistical categories

Volume 2: Instructions and guideline manual

Volume 2 of the ICD-10 is the key to understanding the rules and regulations that govern the classification of conditions. It provides guidance on the use of volumes 1 and 3, and on the rules of mortality and morbidity coding, and information on the historical development of the ICD. 

Volume 2 also contains four special ‘tabulation lists’ designed for use in settings where the complete three-character ICD list is too detailed. These special lists are primarily intended for the tabulating of data into useful categories which can be compared across populations and geographical areas. Physicians should never use the short tabulation lists as a guide to certification and never diagnose COD according to categories shown on the lists. When using the special tabulation lists, it is important that the medical certificate be completed in the same way as if coding were done to three or four ICD digits.

ICD special tabulation lists on mortality

List 1: General mortality – condensed list (103 causes)

List 2: General mortality – selected list (80 causes)

List 3: Infant and child mortality – condensed list (67 causes)

List 4: Infant and child mortality – selected list (51 causes)

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World Health Organization (2016). International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision, vol. 2, 5th edition. Geneva, World Health Organization.

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