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6 C's of CRVS
Analysis of Bangladesh's verbal autopsy pilot in Kaligang
Analysis of Bangladesh's verbal autopsy pilot in Kaligang
Barriers to death notification in Ghana
Barriers to death notification (Ghana)
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Barriers to death notification in the Solomon Islands
Ghana Milt Hosp birth reg
Birth registration digitisation in Ghana
Brazil's health data: How have they improved so much and so quickly?
Building momentum
Godfrey M Semu MCCOD
Challenges to timely and sensitive death certification in Tanzania
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Completeness of birth and death registration
Godfrey M Semu MCCOD3
Educating Tanzanian physicians on the value of accurate assignments for underlying cause of death
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Enterprise architecture/business process mapping
Xavier Rwanda
Fellowship profile with Xavier Ngomituje
Filling the gaps?in Bangladesh's ?mortality data
Filling the gaps in Bangladesh's mortality data
From death notification to registration (Bangladesh)
Ghana BDR edited
Ghana Birth and Death Registry's commitment to improvement
GSS short
Ghana Statistical Service: Improving systems, registration and sustainability
EA Bangladesh thumbnail
How enterprise architecture has improved CRVS in Bangladesh
BPM Ghana
How Ghana revolutionised their CRVS system using process mapping
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Implementing MCCOD in all public hospitals in Rwanda
RITA short
Improving our understanding of births and deaths in Tanzania
Increasing verbal autopsy supervision from afar
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Indonesia's path to identify the country's leading causes of death
Innovation collaboration with Swiss TPH
BDR archives
Inside Ghana's Birth and Death Registry archives
Launch of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative in Colombia
Peng China VA
Lessons learned from the Beijing verbal autopsy (VA) pilot
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Medical certification of cause of death (MCCOD)
O que é ANACONDA? Uma perspectiva brasileira / What is ANACONDA? A Brazilian perspective
Dilip outcomes thumbnail
Outcomes of improving death data in Solomon Islands
Ghana Military Hospital edited
Process of death registration in Ghana's 37 Military Hospital
Ghana trailer
Short overview of CRVS in Ghana
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Tanzania's commitment to improved civil registration and vital statistics
Edwards Mbanga final
Tanzanian Ministry of Health perspective: How is Data for Health doing?
Alan SL2
The Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative in Sri Lanka
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Verbal autopsy
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Verbal autopsy costing tool
Welcome to the CRVS Knowledge Gateway
What are people dying of in Greenland and why?
What are the preliminary findings of using HBCPs as verbal autopsy interviewers in Rwanda?1
What are the preliminary findings of using HBCPs as verbal autopsy interviewers in Rwanda?
What is civil registration?
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Why are CVRS data important
Why do we need data?
Working together = Better data = Better world
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