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CRVS process mapping

Process mapping: Phase 4 (improved processes)

The objective of this phase is to redesign the process to address the problems found during the analysis. There are a few points to keep in mind during this phase:

  • The core team needs to consider the process from end to end across all stakeholders
  • Any change to the process will have an impact on the rest of the system.
  • This phase is not about automating manual activities but rethinking the entire flow.
  • Technology is a means to improve the performance of the system, but not an end.
  • Solutions must be based on the consensus of all relevant stakeholders.

The core team must develop the As-Desired process map and analyse its implications if it is implemented. The final step in the exercise would be to identify the gaps between the As-Is process and the As-Desired process and plan to migrate from the current situation to the future design. 

Aspects to consider when analysing future implications of changes in processes

  • Legal and regulatory framework in the country
  • Human resource requirements
  • Job description and potential to assign new functions to existing staff
  • Implications of the use of new technology (maintenance, software modifications, and so on)
  • Training needs and social capital
  • Existing communication channels among stakeholders and potential need for new channels.

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