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CRVS process mapping

Process mapping: Phase 3 (analysis)

Once CRVS stakeholders have agreed that the maps accurately describe the current operations of their CRVS system, the processes must be analysed to answer the following questions:

  • Is the process producing what is expected?
  • Is the process aligned with the vision, mission and objectives of the system?
  • Is the process fulfilling the requirements of the system?
  • Are there duplications, bottlenecks or dead ends where the process stops?
  • Is there room for gains in efficiency (time, resources, cost, and so on)?

There are multiple indicators that can be used to answer these questions. Cost to produce an output, time to provide a service or registration coverage are some examples of these indicators.

At the end of this phase, the most relevant design flaws, inefficiencies and bottlenecks of CRVS processes will be identified and documented, the group will brainstorm about potential solutions including new interventions such as verbal autopsy or system redesign and digitisation.


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