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New Peruvian reports

Three new reports have just been published on work undertaken as part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative:

  • Fellowship profile: Assessing the impact of death certification interventions in Peru

    Between November 2017 and January 2018, Janet Miki from the Ministry of Health in Perú, came to the University of Melbourne to receive support in conducting a study assessing the impact of two death certification interventions to improve cause of death data in Perú. This fellowship profile documents Janet’s experiences whilst at Melbourne, including what she worked on, what she learned, and what impact this might have on improving the quality of mortality data in Perú.

  • Saving lives through certifying deaths: assessing the impact of two interventions to improve cause of death data in Perú

    Mortality statistics derived from cause of death data are an important source of information for population health monitoring, priority setting and planning. However, the quality of cause of death data is poor. In August 2016, the Ministry of Health of Perú decided to make two specific interventions to improve cause of death data: to introduce an online death certification system and to train doctors in standard death certification practices. This study demonstrates how the two interventions improved the correctness of death certificates. The study also provides evidence on necessary changes to the training program to address the poor certification practices that have remained after implementation of the online system.

  • Resultados preliminares del fortalecimiento del Sistema Informatico Nacional de Defunciones

    El Perú tiene una baja cobertura de defunciones con causa de defunción (54 %) y una mala calidad del registro de las causas de defunción, mas de 45 % de las causas de muerte se clasifican como mal definidas o poco útiles para la formulación de políticas públicas. En respuesta a estos problemas, el Ministerio de Salud, junto a otras agencias gubernamentales, con el apoyo de la Iniciativa Bloomberg «Información para la Salud» está implementando el Sistema Informático Nacional de Defunciones (SINADEF). El objetivo de este artículo es describir el proceso de fortalecimiento del sistema de información de la mortalidad en Perú, centrado en la implementación del SINADEF

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