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CRVS system assessment tools

Legal review tools

Undertaking a CRVS legal review to ensure compliance with international best practices is a means to catalyse improved efficiency, security and demand for CRVS services. Potential benefits include strengthened governance and coordination among stakeholders, as well as better health outcomes and life expectancies for the population. 

It is critical for country stakeholders to understand the legal and regulatory environment related to the civil registration and vital statistics system given: 1) the multiplicity of stakeholders involved in a typical CRVS system 2) the complexity of CRVS systems and processes 3) the legal implications of certified vital event information and 4) the crucial population and health statistics derived from this data. 

A review of the existing legal and regulatory environment addressing or considering all CRVS processes (see CRVS process mapping) is therefore advisable before reforming the CRVS system in order to: 

  • Improve stakeholder’s understanding of their CRVS system’s design, strengths, and weaknesses; 
  • Identify possible improvements to CRVS system that can be made under existing regulatory authority; 
  • Reform laws and regulations to achieve best practices and align with international standards.

Vital Strategies and the Global Health Advocacy Incubator have developed a legal review tool as part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative, see instructions for the tool and a link below. 

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Conducting a legal review section 

Vital Strategies, Global Health Advocacy Incubator Legal and regulatory review toolkit

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