The value of cause of death data

Medical certification of cause of death

Coding causes of death to statistical categories
The International Classification of Diseases

Cause of death: where there is no physician
Verbal autopsy diagnostic algorithms

Automated verbal autopsy
What is automated verbal autopsy and how does it differ from medical certification of cause of death?

Incorporating verbal autopsy into the civil registration and vital statistics system

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Coding causes of death to statistical categories

Key steps in improving mortality coding

The key actions needed to address some of the common problems encountered with mortality coding are:

  • Develop a basic roadmap for improving coding practices
  • Standardise training programs, certify trainers and coders and offer attractive career opportunities
  • Increase in-service refresher training opportunities for coders
  • Introduce automated mortality coding tools
  • Conduct regular coding-quality assessments
  • Centralise mortality coding
  • Improve medical certification of COD.

These actions are discussed in more detail in the following sections.

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