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ICD training tools

Iris ICD coding tool

Iris ICD coding tool

Iris is an automated, interactive mortality coding system, which codes multiple causes of death and selects the underlying cause of death for statistical tabulation.   

The system is based on the international medical certificate of cause of death recommended by the WHO and causes of death are coded according to the ICD-10 and the mortality classification rules of WHO. Iris is free, closed source software maintained by the Iris core group. It is available from:

Iris has two purposes:

  • To provide a system where the language-dependent aspects are separated from the software and stored in database tables and can be easily modified for national purposes.
  • To improve international comparability since Iris is based on the international medical  certificate of death (MCCD) form provided by WHO and uses the ICD-10 and causes of death coded according to the ICD-10 rules. 

Earlier versions of Iris used the Mortality Medical Data System (MMDS) of the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).  The current version of Iris uses the Multi-causal and Uni-causal Selection Engine (MUSE). MUSE operates on internationally agreed decision tables which are based on the most recent version of ICD-10.

Iris can be used in two modes. In the code entry mode, the user enters ICD-10 codes corresponding to the conditions reported on the death certificate. Iris then selects the underlying cause. In this mode Iris is ready for use as soon as it is installed. In the text entry mode, the user enters the causes of death in free text, as they are reported on the death certificate. For text entry coding, a local dictionary is needed that translates text into ICD-10 codes.

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