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Legal and regulatory frameworks

Legal and regulatory frameworks

A good legal and regulatory framework is essential for the effective management, operation and maintenance of a civil registration system. In the absence of a proper legal framework that obliges individuals to register births and deaths, and clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved, civil registration systems cannot function.

A well-designed registration law gives clear guidelines around how the civil registration system will work. It provides the rules needed to register the vital events records that affect the civil status of individuals, defines the role of civil registration in the production of vital statistics and its relations with other institutions that rely on such data, and defines the services it should provide. 

In this module, you will learn about:

  • The differences between legal and regulatory frameworks
  • The importance of a legal framework for civil registration systems
  • What should be included in civil registration legislation
  • How a good legal framework can improve system functioning
  • Common problems with civil registration legislation
  • Tools and resources for assessing, creating and updating legal frameworks.

Learn more

Statistics Norway Department of Social Statistics and the Albanian Ministry of Local Government and Decentralisation (2004). Selected documents on the modernisation of the civil registration systems in Albania. 

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Statistics Division (2002). Handbook on training in civil registration and vital statistics systems. United Nations, New York.

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Statistics Division (1998). Handbook on civil registration and vital statistics systems: preparation of a legal framework. 

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