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Introducing ANACONDA Plus

Recently in Bangkok, representatives from 12 countries of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), gathered for the first capacity-building workshop using ANACONDA and the new ANACONDA Plus program.

ANACONDA Plus is recommended for countries with previous experience in ANACONDA who wish to further expand their knowledge on the epidemiological and demographic concepts underlying the tool, including how to adjust and analyse data to improve their value for policy. A key feature of ANACONDA Plus is guidance on how to correctly interpret CRVS data (of variable quality) in order to monitor country progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, several of which depend heavily on the availability and timeliness of CRVS data.

The core modules provide detailed information on the theory and conceptual thinking behind each of the main steps in ANACONDA, allowing participants to explore fundamental data quality issues, learn about advanced epidemiological and demographic techniques that will strengthen the evidence base for policy, and be introduced to the range of cost-effective strategies available to improve routine mortality data systems.

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