The value of cause of death data

Medical certification of cause of death

Coding causes of death to statistical categories
The International Classification of Diseases

Cause of death: where there is no physician
Verbal autopsy diagnostic algorithms

Automated verbal autopsy
What is automated verbal autopsy and how does it differ from medical certification of cause of death?

Incorporating verbal autopsy into the civil registration and vital statistics system

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Automated verbal autopsy

IT requirements for automated verbal autopsy

The IT requirements for implementation of VA need to be addressed alongside other systems-level considerations. The use of business process maps to identify the ideal information flow will help to define the IT infrastructure needed. Basic questions to ensure the best use of the available IT components include:

  • IT capacity in the country
    • centrally, to set up servers and data management processes
    • at local levels, to maintain tablets and troubleshoot IT issues that VA interviewers may be experiencing
  • Availability and cost of mobile networks to send information remotely from tablet to server
  • Cost of buying, maintaining and replacing tablets or smartphones for conducting VA interviews
  • Extent to which civil registry or health information system is available electronically in a format that can accept COD data coming from VA.

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Business process maps 

Open Data Kit

Introducing verbal autopsies into CRVS: Guiding principles
Introducing verbal autopsies into CRVS: Guiding principles

This document details the merits of automated VA methods and provides guidance for countries looking to implement VA in CRVS systems.

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Author: University of Melbourne

Publication date: July 2017

Resource type: CRVS technical outcome series

Related resources: Challenges associated with automated VA training and rollout

Summary: Integrating verbal autopsies into CRVS systems

This document details how to sustainably integrate verbal autopsy into CRVS systems.

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Publication date: April 2018

Resource type: CRVS summary

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