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CRVS process mapping

How to successfully conduct a CRVS process mapping exercise

Some means to successfully conduct a process mapping/modelling exercise are:

  • Be inclusive and make sure that all relevant CRVS stakeholders are involved in the exercise.
  • Involve the right stakeholders in each phase. For instance, you will require support and leadership from senior policymakers of the different institutions, but you may not necessarily require them when discussing the ‘nitty gritty’ details of each process.
  • Recognise that building capacity to describe and analyse CRVS processes is one of the objectives of the process mapping exercise.
  • Make sure that you have the necessary support to undertake the required changes in CRVS processes.
  • Bring together stakeholders from different levels of the system. Usually the perception of the process in the capital is different from the one on the periphery or in remote areas.
  • Recall that process mapping should be a routine activity in CRVS systems.

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