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CRVS assessments: Know your system

How do I use findings from the assessment tools?

The primary purpose of doing an assessment of a CRVS system is to use the findings to develop a strategic and prioritised plan of what needs to be done to improve the functioning and completeness of the system and generate more reliable data on vital events.

An overall roadmap has been developed (see diagram below) that outlines three main phases:

  1. Assessment
  2. Problem identification and prioritisation, and development of plan
  3. Implementation.
Roadmap from assessment to implementation
As described above, there are three main types of assessments that can be done (process mapping, rapid assessment and comprehensive assessment). Results from the rapid assessment can provide decision-makers with information on broad areas requiring improvement and can make the case for the need for a more detailed assessment. Results from the comprehensive assessment can be used to develop a strategic and prioritised improvement plan.

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Guidance tool for how to develop a strategic plan from civil registration and vital statistics assessment findings. This document provides practical advice for countries that have undertaken the comprehensive assessment on how to transition from assessment results to a strategic improvement plan.

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