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The Ten CRVS milestones framework

Health sector

Health institutions have a critical and dual role in the civil registration system since so many births and deaths occur within their premises such that:

  • Health institutions act as informants or notifiers of the occurrence of births and deaths (including fetal deaths)
  • The certification of causes of death can be performed only by physicians working in the health sector

In addition to these functions carried out within the framework of the vital statistics system, information collected by health institutions is crucial to generate health statistics. These, in turn, provide valuable information about the overall health of the population and the functionality and needs of the health system. 

The role of the health sector is to notify the registration authorities of the occurrence of vital events. It is important to remember that health institutions usually do not have the legal authority for issuing a birth or death certificate. Such authority is vested only in the civil registration system for the sole purpose of ensuring the legitimacy of registration. Maintaining core civil registration functions within the civil registry ensures clarity in the division of roles and responsibilities and helps to avoid duplication and potential conflict.

From death notification to registration (Bangladesh)

Mohamad Ashfaque Mukut, Deputy Secretary Cabinet Division (Bangladesh) and Deputy Project Director of the CRVS Technical Project, shares his fellowship work at the University of Melbourne that looks at a recent pilot in Kaliganj, Bangladesh that encourages health staff to notify community deaths.

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