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Tabulation and generation of vital statistics for national policy

Data management and capacities and skills of staff involved

As mentioned previously, staff need to be regularly trained, and standard operating procedures should be in place to ensure good data quality.  

Additionally, the central agency that generates the vital statistics needs staff that:

  • Write the programs that correctly compile the data
  • Manage aggregated data 
  • Generate the desired tables 
  • Ensure the backup of the data. 

At this level, the staff must include statisticians that can:

  • Assess completeness
  • Identify and correct for missing data
  • Understand the sources of error and bias
  • If necessary adjust for under-reporting and reconcile data from different sources.

Additionally, strict procedures must be developed not only for access to the data from the outside, but also intra-agency. 

As computers are increasingly becoming the norm at all levels in government offices, skills of the staff need to be upgraded accordingly, and computers installed and maintained outside the central registration office. Electronic registration records are increasingly preferred and have many advantages, particularly when it comes to speed, correction possibilities, space saving and exchange. However, they demand different security checks and the availability of technical staff to intervene when problems occur. 

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Accurate data collection

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