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Presentation, communication and dissemination of vital statistics

Conclusions and key actions

The introduction of computers and ICT have profoundly changed the way that statistical data are communicated, presented and disseminated. As a consequence:

  • In general, graphical material should be used as ‘knowledge brokers’, ensuring that the key messages are easily understood. This is best achieved if kept simple and uncluttered.
  • The availability of visualisation software makes it easy to produce a large range of suitable charts for different purposes and products.
  • It has become much easier to produce annual vital statistics reports and other publications and they can now also be disseminated in electronic format

Through the correct use of charts and maps, hidden patterns in data may become visible and long-term trends can be seen. The contribution of graphical material to different products facilitates the translation of data into policy and programming. Dissemination of statistical data and product through the internet has vastly increased access to and use of data.

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