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China (Shanghai)

CRVS strengthening in China (Shanghai)

As part of the CRVS BD4H Initiative, Shanghai will implement five interventions to advance system performance by focusing on improvements in the quality of mortality statistics generated through their surveillance system.
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University of Melbourne Fellowships

With the view of creating sustainability of CRVS interventions in countries supported by the Data for Health Initiative, the University of Melbourne has committed to a fellowship program that has grown throughout the four-year project.
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RCEV en Colombia

Mire videos con las partes interesadas de RCEV de Colombia sobre cómo está trabajando el país para fortalecer su sistema de RCEV y mejorar sus datos de causa de muerte.
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These groups are designed to provide continuous technical support and knowledge-sharing to countries, while increasing the likelihood of sustainability.

The forums provide a space to respond to each other's questions, raise and address issues that arise, share ideas, success stories, distribute new versions of the tools, and so on.

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