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Presentation, communication and dissemination of vital statistics

Communication channels

The choice of communication channels today is huge, from the mass media with their standard channels – print, radio, TV – to the internet, which includes social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Communicating vital statistics is no longer limited to standard annual publications but can use many different means and modes, including electronic ones. The plethora of communication channels makes it possible to carefully target the information needs of different users.

The internet should be seen as a strategic communication asset to help foster better communication with and interest from the media and the Resources spent on a good website are usually well spent and can become the fastest way to disseminate new data and reports. The office responsible for communication must establish and maintain high credibility of the information disseminated. The need to balance timeliness with data accuracy, confidentiality and security of the data should be a constant concern for this office. 

Suggested communication channels for different audiences

Government officials and policy makers

  • Dashboards
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Policy briefs, brochures, executive summaries
  • Public websites

General public

  • Magazines
  • News media
  • Radio and TV
  • Web-based media

Program managers

  • Monthly/quarterly reports
  • Executive summaries
  • Audiovisual presentations
  • Public websites

Technical and development agencies

  • Full annual reports
  • Audiovisual presentations
  • Public websites
  • Brochures

Civil society, NGO, and so on

  • Fact sheets
  • Brochures
  • Public websites

Academic researchers

  • Technical reports
  • Special topic articles
  • Research databases
  • Websites

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