The value of cause of death data

Medical certification of cause of death

Coding causes of death to statistical categories
The International Classification of Diseases

Cause of death: where there is no physician
Verbal autopsy diagnostic algorithms

Automated verbal autopsy
What is automated verbal autopsy and how does it differ from medical certification of cause of death?

Incorporating verbal autopsy into the civil registration and vital statistics system

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Medical certification of cause of death

Classification of the main types of unusable diagnoses

ICD will be discussed in detail in the next section, but a useful classification of the main types of unusable diagnoses, which cannot be underlying causes of death, is given below: 

Type: 1

Description: Impossible underlying causes, including signs or symptoms (R codes)

ICD-10 Codes: A31.1, A59, A60.0, A71–A74, A63.0, B00.0, B07, B08.1, B08.8, B30, B35–B36, F32–F33.9, F40–F42.9, F45–F48.9, F51–F53.9, F60–F98.9, G43–G45.9, G47–G52.9, G54–G54.9, G56–G58.9, H00–H04.9, H05.2–H69.9, H71–H80.9, H83–H93, J30, J33, J34.2, J35, K00–K11.9, K14, L04–L08.9, L20–L25.9, L28–L87.9, L90–L92, L94, L98.0–L98.3, L98.5–L98.9, M03, M07, M09–M12, M14–M25, M35.3, M40, M43.6–M43.9, M45.9, M47–M60, M63–M71, M73–M79, M95–M99, N39.3, N40, N46, N60, N84–N93, N97, Q10–Q18, Q36, Q38.1, Q54, Q65–Q74, Q82–Q84, R00–R94, R96–R99, B94.8, B949.9, G80–G83, Y86, Y87.2, Y89, I10, I15, I70

Type: 2

Description: Intermediate causes of death such as heart failure

ICD-10 Codes: A40–A41, A48.0, A48.3, E85.3–E85.9, E86–E87, G91.1, G91.3–G91.8, G92, G93.1–G93.6, I26, I27.1, I44–I45, I49–I50, I74, I81, J69, J80–J81, J86, J90, J93, J93.8–J93.9, J94, J98.1–J98.3, K65–K66, K71–K72 (except K71.7), K75, K76.0–K76.4, K92.0–K92.2, M86, N14, N17–N19

Type: 3

Description: Immediate causes of death that are the final steps in a disease pathway leading to death

ICD-10 Codes: D65, I45–I46, J96

Type: 4

Description: Unspecified causes with a larger cause grouping

ICD-10 Codes: C80, C26, C39, C57.9, C64.9, C76, D00–D13, D16–D18, D20–D24, D28–D48, A49.9, B83.9, B99, E88.9 I51, I99, X59, Y10–Y34

Naghavi M, Makela S, Foreman K, et al (2010).  Algorithms for enhancing public health utility of national causes-of-death data Population Health Metrics 8:9.  

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