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Medical certification of cause of death

Classification of the main types of unusable diagnoses

ICD will be discussed in detail in the next section, but a useful classification of the main types of unusable diagnoses, which cannot be underlying causes of death, is given below: 

Type: 1

Description: Impossible underlying causes, including signs or symptoms (R codes)

ICD-10 Codes: A31.1, A59, A60.0, A71–A74, A63.0, B00.0, B07, B08.1, B08.8, B30, B35–B36, F32–F33.9, F40–F42.9, F45–F48.9, F51–F53.9, F60–F98.9, G43–G45.9, G47–G52.9, G54–G54.9, G56–G58.9, H00–H04.9, H05.2–H69.9, H71–H80.9, H83–H93, J30, J33, J34.2, J35, K00–K11.9, K14, L04–L08.9, L20–L25.9, L28–L87.9, L90–L92, L94, L98.0–L98.3, L98.5–L98.9, M03, M07, M09–M12, M14–M25, M35.3, M40, M43.6–M43.9, M45.9, M47–M60, M63–M71, M73–M79, M95–M99, N39.3, N40, N46, N60, N84–N93, N97, Q10–Q18, Q36, Q38.1, Q54, Q65–Q74, Q82–Q84, R00–R94, R96–R99, B94.8, B949.9, G80–G83, Y86, Y87.2, Y89, I10, I15, I70

Type: 2

Description: Intermediate causes of death such as heart failure

ICD-10 Codes: A40–A41, A48.0, A48.3, E85.3–E85.9, E86–E87, G91.1, G91.3–G91.8, G92, G93.1–G93.6, I26, I27.1, I44–I45, I49–I50, I74, I81, J69, J80–J81, J86, J90, J93, J93.8–J93.9, J94, J98.1–J98.3, K65–K66, K71–K72 (except K71.7), K75, K76.0–K76.4, K92.0–K92.2, M86, N14, N17–N19

Type: 3

Description: Immediate causes of death that are the final steps in a disease pathway leading to death

ICD-10 Codes: D65, I45–I46, J96

Type: 4

Description: Unspecified causes with a larger cause grouping

ICD-10 Codes: C80, C26, C39, C57.9, C64.9, C76, D00–D13, D16–D18, D20–D24, D28–D48, A49.9, B83.9, B99, E88.9 I51, I99, X59, Y10–Y34

Naghavi M, Makela S, Foreman K, et al (2010). Algorithms for enhancing public health utility of national causes-of-death dataPopulation Health Metrics 8:9.  

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