CRVS Resource Kits

Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Resource Kits

We are pleased to announce the launch of three new Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Resource Kits, now available on the Gateway. The Kits summarise and introduce the most important papers, tools and guidance documents for countries to begin planning for and implementing CRVS interventions. They have been designed to support countries looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their CRVS systems, and who are seeking to develop specific interventions from the ground-up.  

The Resource Kits contain the essential, tested resources countries will need, along with an explanation of how they can expect to benefit from each resource. Each Kit is designed as a stepped guide to achieving three key intervention outcomes, with a focus on preparing for, embedding and improving processes. All relevant documents are available for download via links provided in the kits.

The following Resource Kits are currently available:

A woman conducts an interview at a medical facility in India.

This Kit contains all of the key resources countries need for Verbal Autopsy (VA) implementation and data interpretation. It provides the key tools and guidance materials to help countries: a) prepare CRVS systems for VA implementation; b) embed the necessary IT systems to facilitate VA rollout; and, c) perform VAs and compile and interpret results for use by public health planners and decision-makers. 

An MCCOD form being filled out

The Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCOD) Resource Kit contains all of the key resources countries need to improve death certification and coding. It provides the key tools and guidance materials to help countries:  a) assess the most common certification errors being made; b) train physicians in correct COD certification; and c) evaluate the impact of these training sessions on physician’s certification skills.

Page with data and Stethoscope

The data quality and analysis Kit contains all of the key resources countries need to assess the quality of their mortality data prior to analysing them for policy and monitoring purposes. It provides tools and guidance materials to help countries: a) assess the completeness and coverage of birth and death registration; b) assess the quality of mortality and COD data; and, c) take steps to improve the quality of data based on the outcomes of these assessments.

We recognise that for governments who wish to build their CRVS systems, knowing where and how to start can be a real challenge, especially in low-resource contexts. We hope that these Kits will provide straightforward, comprehensive guides to establishing the collection of timely, accurate and comprehensive CRVS data.

Alan Lopez, Director of Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative at the University of Melbourne

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