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Presentation, communication and dissemination of vital statistics

A template for a national CRVS birth and death statistics report

Most countries prepare an official annual CRVS report with birth and death statistics, and sometimes this report also includes some additional analysis. Some countries have this reporting requirement integrated into the civil registration law, clearly indicating the importance of disseminating these data.

National vital statistics reports can vary in size and content, ranging from a few pages with basic tables to sizeable tions with demographic and health analysis and several annexes with complex tables. What they all have in common is that they are intended to provide a consistent and reliable source of information about vital statistics for the country, including key data tables. However, in many countries there are no annual reports specifically focusing on vital events.

The template for a CRVS birth and death statistics report (see downloadable Word document below) is likely to be most useful for those countries that do not yet have a regular annual publication. It therefore is aimed at statistical offices with little prior experience of publishing vital statistics, or at least not on an annual basis, and which hence might not be familiar with all the global vital statistics standards. It focuses on key vital events and characteristics of these that are important for policy and thus is limited to births, deaths and causes of deaths. 

In recognition that annual tions can put a heavy load on statistical producers, the template is kept very simple and aims to obtain many of the tabulations as well as the quality measures straight from the ANACONDA tool described in Methods and tools to evaluate the quality of vital statistics. Indeed, countries using this tool are likely to be able to produce two-thirds of the annual report using tabulations and charts prepared by this application. The template follows the advice provided earlier in Tabulation and generation of vital statistics for national policy on essential tabulations and how to present the data using basic graphical tools.

Countries that undertake a national vital statistics report are very much encouraged to make the report available on their website, and to provide all the larger statistical tables in the annex in downloadable Excel format.

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